You are Awesome!

Greatness is inside of all of us

Do you smile at strangers, and are you respectful to your server at the cafe down the road Do you help others? If not, maybe you are suffering from a wounded heart and in need of self love.

When things are going well, have you noticed you begin to self-sabotage, or doubts percolate   in your head that say you don’t deserve this.   

Self-sabotage is the result of not loving yourself, and it is difficult to rise above the way you see yourself. When we don’t see we deserve prosperity, abundance and success, psychologists have a name for it. it is impostor syndrome. We don’t feel good enough.

Many famous people have said be yourself there is no one else in the entire world that is you. There can never be a better you than you.

I heard somewhere these four truths to help you cultivate self-love they resonate to me.

  • Honor your specialness, the things that make you uniquely who you are. Billions of people on earth and there is only one you. No one who , sounds like you, has your voice or your fingerprints, you are truly unique. No one has the same primal genius, which is at your core, all these traits are uniquely yours. Embrace who you are.
  • Do things that challenge you. Society has sold us that things should be easy immediate we are in a culture of immediate gratification. Review your day and ask yourself have I challenged myself today or did I take the path of least resistance? If you build your day around things that challenge you, you will notice your personal growth and self-respect. When I wake up, I have the intention to seek micro success. I challenge myself every day, I make my bed so that when I go to sleep at night I am slipping between clean sheets, and it makes for sweet dreams. I don’t always feel like making my bed, but I do it.  And at the end of the day, I feel the love I had for myself to make my bed so that I can have sweet dreams.It is a small thing but has great rewards. The way to my heart, anyone’s heart is to consistently fulfill the promises we make.
  • Go into nature. technology bombards us with so much that grabs our attention, emails, social media comparing ourselves to others thinking they have charmed life and we don’t, even if we know what we see on social is not necessarily so.  Take a break from technology, turn off your phone, step away from your computer and go outside for a walk slow down breathe in the fresh air, notice the wind, and sounds of birds this will take you to your trueness. You are not your past, or your weaknesses and you are not your limiting beliefs. Spending time in nature in solitude and reflection, you’ll notice you are not a wounded child, and in this solitude, you recognize your greatness. Like all relationships the more time you spend in nature the stronger love is realized.  
  • Being in service to others you to love yourself more greatly. It is a gift that benefits both you and the person you’re helping.

Excited About Life?

August 13, 2022, I am having fun thinking, about how to improve my podcast Empathetic Witness, I am listening to other podcasts with the intention of noticing what works for them, in this process I am learning. 

In the last couple years, I have found a few of things, a Charitable foundation I created, my podcast, and my blog on WordPress have given me joy.  It is a work in progress.

I am passionate about these things, and it gets me up in the morning feeling excited about my day.  The key is to look for something that involves being of service to others, and for a greater cause. 

A couple years ago feeling frustration about social media and wanting a deeper connection with “friends” on several social media platforms and I created the private group on Facebook as an experiment. The idea was to see if I can gently nudge people to interact on a deeper level.

Two years into this experiment I am pleased to notice more interaction on a deeper level not just liking post but comments that engage one another. The best are open-ended questions.

What is your experience with social media, are you satisfied with the interaction you are experiencing? If not try being more engaged.    

Family gatherings are filled with laughter, create sweet memories In this photo, my eldest sister Liz, in red and my mom, sitting with white coat, are gone to the spirit world to join our ancestors.

About Angelina

Angelina Pratt B.Ed is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Northern Alberta. (ACFN) understands Denesuline fluently. She is the second youngest of 16 children.

Angelina is the General Manager / Director of Claims of Alan Pratt Law Office. She began her career in the land claims area, began as the Treaty 8 Coordinator for the Indian Association of Alberta, in early 1990’s.

She became the Executive Director for Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research (TARR), working with 44 First Nations in the three Treaty areas in Alberta on funding, research and negotiations of their land claims. In that position she managed a staff of researchers and lawyers. She also chaired and attended numerous Alberta All Chiefs’ conferences and sat on National Boards.

In 1991 Angelina accepted the position of Co-Director of legal and historical research of the Indian Claims Commission, a Federal Commission of inquiry to review rejected specific land claims.

She then became the Executive Assistant to Ovide Mercredi, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).

After establishing a consulting practice, Angelina agreed to assume her current position as General Manager/Director of Claims at Alan Pratt Law Office, where she supervises and co-ordinates all land claim research initiatives in the office, including preparing negotiation budgets and other support services to the Firm’s lawyers and clients.

She resigned in 2020 as chairperson of the Board of Governors of Nechi Institute Center for indigenous learning after 25 years of service.

In 2021 she founded and now manages a non-profit charitable foundation Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and training. (GIFT)

Produces and hosts the Empathetic Witness podcast where she interviews phenomenal Indigenous content on addictions, colonization, residential schools, and numerous topics affecting Canadian indigenous people.